How The System Works

We place state of the art analytic cameras in your booth and record the entire event.  

We calibrate The analytic cameras generate traffic counts in and around your booth.

 The aisles (general show traffic counts), traffic in your booth, engagements of your staff with show attendees, and traffic by zone inside your booth.  

These analytics assist you in evaluating the show and your internal staff performance. It also can help you track the trend of each show you annually attend and assist you in making the decision to keep or cancel a show.

Key Staff

Rogers F. Brackmann -Rogers has over fifty years experience in business and industry. He served as the senior marketing manager for M&M Mars, and personally owned and operated several successful business ventures (RMI, Action Packed, Insight Marketing Associates) In addition to sitting on the board of Burson Marsteller, he was a personal consultant to the Chairman of Quaker Oats. Among his many patents (the first issued at age 21) is the P2S2 Multitask Layered Tracking System®. Rogers is a U.S. Army veteran.

Lance Johnson - Lance has thirty years’ experience as a senior manager in sales and marketing for corporate advertising agencies. Lance participated in the acquisition of Monster.Com in its start-up stage. Lance is a U.S. Army veteran.

Phillip Brackmann - Phil managed national sales organizations for 8 years and personally oversaw the details of 100+ trade show events. Responsibilities included booth design, transportation managment, booth set-up, and booth show scheduling. The concept of the Trade Show Evaluation System was concieved by Phil.  He had a desire to obtain meaningful information to evaluate the trade shows he attended and employee performance.

​​​​About EMS

We are a management company focused on the collection of relevant data at trade shows and other events. By providing our clients with  pertinent information, they can make informed decisions allowing them to maximize their trade show marketing budget and improve their return on investment.

Protecting your assets when they are the most vulnerable.