Traffic - We measure the traffic that passes by your booth each day.  We also show which direction the traffic comes from and separate the traffic flow by day part.

Booth Engagements -   The Event Analytics System measures the total number of booth engagements that occur at your booth each day of the event.  An engagement occurs when a booth worker approaches and strikes up a conversation.

Booth Traffic -   The Event Analytics System measures the total number of exhibitors that enter your booth each day of the event.  Count lines are drawn at the entry points of your booth and counted when the line is broken.  An algorithm is created to take into account for booth staff and counts are 98% accurate.

Beyond the Numbers

“What gets measured gets improved.” 

Peter F. Drucker, The father of modern management

​​What Do We Measure?

To properly evaluate the event and staff performance there must be an established base line of performance.  Up to now trade show managers have had to rely heavily on their gut.  Now evaluations can be made with data.  Standards of performance can be set and higher standards of achievement can be met.  In the end, an improved Return on Investment (ROI) can be achieved.

The process of making a well informed business decision you need information.  Not all information comes in the form of hard numbers.  Even numbers need someone to interpret them.  Sometimes you need to make observations.  

The Event Analytics System allows you to view your event during the show and after.  View it from a different perspective than being on the show floor when the event is in high gear.  

The best athletes in the world use video tape to discover those minor adjustments needed to achieve excellence in their craft.  The Event Analytics System will do the same for you

Data analytics is the science of examining raw data with the purpose of drawing conclusions about that information. Data analytics is used in many industries to allow companies and organization to make better business decisions; and in the sciences to verify or disprove existing models or theories.

You need to know that the dollars you spend on trade shows are worthwhile investments. The Tread Show Evaluation System provides accurate data to help you make educated business decisions as it relates to trade show selection, booth design, and staffing needs and lead to an improved ROI.  

Definition of Analytics

Accenture Research​ 2013

40% of major business decisions are based not on data, but on “gut instinct” 
•Extensive evidence shows that having experts is good, but experts using analytics is much better.
•Statistical predictions consistently outperform “gut based” predictions.
•Expert intuition is best only when there is little time, limited data and few variables.

Improved ROI        

Booth Zone Activity - All activity in pre-set areas (zones) within the booth are measured each day of the event.  The zones are defined by a 10' x 10' area.