How Our Trade Show Evaluation System Benefits Trade Show Managers

Trade Show Selection - Marketing dollars are precious.  One trade show can be very expensive.  If you do need to drop a show the question becomes which one.  The Event Management System will help you make these tough decisions.  Having real data on traffic flow, booth activity and attendee interactions helps you compare and measure the marketing impact of each show.  Make the decision based on facts, not your gut instinct.

Booth Evaluation - While at the show event managers are very busy.  The vantage point to view the booth flow and interactions are poor at best.  Most important, the manager can't make any changes to the booth during the show.  The Trade Show Evaluation System allows the event manager, and others, to view the video of the show and gain insights into the booth dynamics.  These insights can be discussed with your booth builder / display company to make those subtle changes that can have big results.

Staffing - Having the booth properly staffed can have a big impact on the results of the trade show.  Having to many staff results in a waste of marketing dollars, reducing the ROI.  Having not enough staff will result in missed opportunities, staff that does not get enough breaks and loss of energy at the end of the day.  Again, the event manager is able to make these key observations on the post show video.

Training - One of the single biggest impacts that can be made to the results of a show is the performance of the employees who work the booth.  The Event Managment System let's the event manager analyze the behavior and performance of the booth worker.  Making minor adjustments in staff placement within the booth, posture, or any number of behaviors can have a signigicant increase in overall show return on investment.

Live Streaming Video- Many Event Managers are unable to attend all their shows.  It is physically impossible.  The Event Managment System enables the busy event manager to view what is going on at these shows without physically being on site.  Once your staff knows that management may be looking in on their activity it will positivly impact their performance.